# Installation

# Requirements

The first thing you need to do before installing Rogue Engine is to make sure that Node.js (opens new window) is installed in your computer.

If you're not sure, you should open a terminal and write the following command:

node -v

This should show you the Node.js version, if you get an error, it means you need to download and install Node.js (opens new window).

# Download Rogue Engine

Now it's time to download Rogue Engine (opens new window). Choose the option for your Operating System and the installer will start downloading.

# Install

On OSX installation should be as simple as any other. Open the installer and drag the Rogue Engine icon into the Applications folder as instructed.

On Windows and Linux, open the installer and follow the instructions.

You should be able to open Rogue Engine now. Follow me to the next article where I'll show you how to create your first project.